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Target Funding

Min: RM500K

Max: RM1.5 Mil

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About The Business

Beebies Shrimps is a one stop professional pet retail centre specialising in supplying and
breeding fish and shrimp, we also provide other pets and products for cats, dogs, birds, and


Dedicating A Life to Passion

As a young boy, founder Jason loved fish and shrimp. This passion carried throughout his life, even influencing his now wife, Peggy to join the hobby.
Working as a diagnostic engineer for Mercedes Benz with a good career path, and then starting his own tyre company, he never gave up his passion for fishkeeping. His wife Peggy saw his passion and the opportunities in the hobby and encouraged him to create Beebies Shrimp.

Together, they pioneered trends in Malaysia such as Marimo moss balls and their iconic product, Aloha shrimp that kickstarted the company until today. Now, they have expanded to aquatic plants, aquascaping, as well as other pets and products.

Their lifelong dedication now and forever stands as an inspiration for those around them to pursue their passions.

Building A Dream

Beebies Shrimp is fuelled by our love and dedication to the hobby. We believe that what allows us to achieve our dream and sets us apart are our three core values:


Even after trying and failing throughout the years, the founder still remain dedicated to his passion. This dedication is strengthened by the aquatic community until today


Passion is the core of the company. From the tank to the plants to the shrimp, we love every part, and we want our customers to feel it.


What makes Beebies Shrimp’s appealing to new hobbyists is the constant innovation to tankcare and livestock techniques. We aim to conserve a future of nature and wildlife for future generations.

Our Products & Our Businesses

We provide a one stop pet shopping experience both online, and in-stores.

Our Livestock

Our Equipments

Our Products

Our Services

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Total online sales in 2019-2021
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Total offline sales in 2019-2021

Meet The Founders

We love our fish and shrimp, and we want them to thrive in balanced ecosystems. This is why we started growing our own organic aquatic plants. These became very popular with our customers and is a repeated purchase by many of them. Now, organic plants are one of our main iconic services.

Co-Founder / CEO / COO / Production Planner

Jason Lee Lian Seng

•25 years of fishkeeping knowledge and experience.
•Over 5 years of management experience in operating production lines.
•Previously worked as an engineer for Mercedes Benz.

Co-Founder / CEO / CFO/ Digital Marketing Director

Peggy Low Phei Qi

• 10 years of online shop management experience.
•Working relationship with the industry in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.
•5 years of YouTube content creation experience.

To Build The Greatest Pet Hobbyist Experience Centre

Experience Real Life

Your connection with your pets is a physical experience, something hard to determine through a screen. This is why we have decided to create a 3-story hobbyist centre to display and create aquascape experiences that customers and fish lovers can browse together

We are Seeking for RM1,500,000 Fund

Next 5-year plan

Target Audience

Since every 3 in 5 people own pets, we aim to capture at least 10% of those people in Klang Valley to be interested in Beebies Shrimp.

Loyal Customers

According to our current statistics and projections, we plan to maintain at least 100,000 loyal and returning customers, both online and in person.

RM 0
Annual Return

With a modest estimate of only RM5 profit per customer, we can already estimate an annual return of RM500,000.

Understand more about Beebies Shrimp’s Business Model and Future Potential.

Investment amount starting from RM1,500 to be part of Beebies Shrimp!
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Join Our Family

We want you with us to share our love and enthusiasm for
aquatic pets and aquascaping to more people. Join our family of passionate hobbyists as we help each other grow.

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